Volume 3/2020


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1 Editorial Martin Rothgangel , Volker Frederking


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1 Application of a Knowledge-in-Pieces perspective to students’ explanations of water springs: a complex phenomenon pertaining to the field of physical geography Sibylle Reinfried , Roland Künzle
30 Thinking Inclusive Science Education from two Perspectives: inclusive Pedagogy and Science Education Lisa Stinken-Rösner , Lisa Rott , Sarah Hundertmark , Thomas Baumann , Jürgen Menthe , Thomas Hoffmann , Andreas Nehring , Simone Abels
46 Self-rated content knowledge of biology, chemistry, and physics – developing a measure and identifying challenges for interdisciplinary science teaching Kevin Handtke , Susanne Bögeholz
68 Teacher education in the fields of German and mathematics: Facets of pedagogical content knowledge from an interdisciplinary perspective Iris Winkler , Astrid Fischer , Ulrike-Marie Krause , Birte Specht
86 Logical pictures in secondary economic education: textbook analysis and teacher perception Malte Ring , Taiga Brahm
108 Student texts produced in the context of material-based argumentative writing: Interdisciplinary research-related conception of an evaluation tool Alexandra Budke , Diana Gebele , Pia Königs , Sarah Schwerdtfeger , Alexandra L. Zepter
126 Towards a Theory of Subject-Matter Didactics Martin Rothgangel , Helmut Johannes Vollmer
146 A Delphi study on the school-related content knowledge in organic chemistry Jolanda Hermanns , Oksana Thomanek
146 Further articles/contributions will follow as soon as they have passed review