Volume 2/2019


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1 Editorial Volker Frederking, Martin Rothgangel


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1 Language and knowledge: how nouns contribute to knowledge construction across school subjects Mary Schleppegrell
16 Reading instruction in 5th grade: teachers’ perspectives on promoting self-regulated reading in language and content area teaching Anke Schmitz
32 How to give effective explanations: guidelines for business education, discussion of their scope and their application to teaching operations research Christiane Schopf, Andrea Raso, Michael Kahr
51 Realizing theory-practice transfer in German teacher education Christiane Klempin, Michaela Sambanis, Daniel Rehfeldt, Volkhard Nordmeier, David Seibert, Martin Lücke, Tobias Mehrtens, Hilde Köster
61 Comparing the affective outcomes of CLIL modules and streams on secondary school students Stephanie Ohlberger, Vivienne Litzke, Claas Wegner
85 Scientists, their work, and how others perceive them: self-perceptions of scientists and students’ stereotypes Insa Stamer, Marcus Kubsch, Mara Steiner, Tim Höffler, Stefan Schwarzer, Ilka Parchmann
102 What language demands count in subject-matter classrooms? Susanne Prediger, Dilan Şahin-Gür, Carina Zindel
118 Student reading motivation and teacher aims and actions in literature education in lower secondary school Dominik Fässler, Andrea Bertschi-Kaufmann, Irene Pieper, Sebastian Weirich, Katrin Böhme
140 Can an instructional video increase the quality of English teachers’ assessment of learner essays? Stefan Keller, Cristina Vögelin, Thorben Jansen, Nils Machts, Jens Möller