Mission statement

Aims and Scope

Research in Subject-matter Teaching and Learning (RISTAL) is an open-access international journal that publishes double-blind peer-reviewed articles on research in subject-matter education. RISTAL follows the tradition of Fachdidaktik, Didactique, Didáctica, Didattica, didaktika etc. representing research on teaching and learning of subject matter in subject areas. Unlike specialist journals dedicated to single areas of subject-matter education, RISTAL provides a unique platform that fosters research in and dialogue among various fields of subject-matter teaching and learning.

RISTAL welcomes research on broad themes and topics that are relevant to a specific field as well as across various fields of subject-matter education. Articles may adopt a single-subject or a comparative approach. However, articles focusing on single subject-matter education are expected to contextualize their work within the broader framework of subject-matter education research discussing implications of their findings for other subjects.

RISTAL acknowledges various research approaches focusing on subject-matter teaching and learning, ranging from empirical to theoretical contributions. Papers relying on qualitative, quantitative, mixed-methods, or any other sound methodological approach are welcome.

RISTAL covers all subjects represented and taught at all levels and in all types of formal, non-formal, and informal education.



RISTAL is an open-access journal and available online at www.ristal.org.

Submission of manuscripts is encouraged. Manuscripts are expected to focus on research related to the teaching and learning of a particular subject or subject area and should include an interdisciplinary perspective in the field of subject-matter education.

Submitted manuscripts must be written in the English language. Detailed submission guidelines may be found at “Instructions for authors”.

Submissions are published directly after clearing the review process. All articles can be quoted immediately afterwards due to DOI. At the end of each year we compile a paginated volume consisting of all the articles published that year.

Peer Review

All research articles in this journal will be double-blind peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers. Manuscripts undergo initial editorial pre-screening to determine whether or not the paper fits the interest of the readers of the journal.


The journal aims at an international readership interested in a broader view of research on teaching and learning of a particular subject matter. Its readership, in particular, is researchers in subject didactics, educators, curriculum planners, policy makers, supervisors of educational programs and high school teachers.