Volume 2/2019


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In his preface to the first edition of RISTAL chief editor Martin Rothgangel (2018, p.1) posed the following question: “Why add yet another journal to the already rich array of scientific publications? In our view there is a simple reason: while the existing subject-matter education journals focus each on their own discipline, RISTAL aims to bring these into a fruitful dialogue by nurturing cross-disciplinary exchange.” (2018, p.1) Now, one year after these lines were published, looking back one can say that the new journal and its special focus has been accepted by experts and colleagues, which is clear from the high number of submissions. We are very delighted that a total of nine articles have successfully passed the review processes in 2019 and can be presented as part of volume 2 of RISTAL. All of the articles focus not only on interesting research questions in the context of their own discipline, but also promote a fruitful dialogue by nurturing cross-disciplinary exchange in the field of subject matter didactics.